Wednesday, August 16, 2017

My Holiday List : For Me

Yes, it is that time of year where you either head over to Pebble Beach for the Annual Concourse  or you start informing people of what you would like for the holidays.

This year I am doing both!

Now, please let us be honest here everytime you review a Best Gifts For or List of So-So Ideas for your Extraordinary Great Relative you really rather be getting the fancy watch that tells time in foreign languages than that so called relative.

Even if you don't admit it to yourself I know I want everyone to get a head's up on my needs and wants first so that I can fully concentrate on what they will eventually get.

First off, this year I am going to try to stay away from giving away the dreaded Gift Card
 While very practical letting your recipient pick their own gift the reality is the Gift Card is a cheat.
Seriously, a gift card from National Geographic  to any Airline send your gift card my way. There is also Gift cards for HipCamp trust me you want to do a Hipcamp and with a gift card no less. 

Next, because I take the bus I find myself needing the eye mask and neck pillow. These two items should come together but the reality is they don't. The eye mask for me needs to be lightweight and durable where the neck pillow with the snuggle is the BEST  especially if you are overly tired.

Now i admit I am an Eddie Bauer Fan forever but L.L. Bean is classic too so if you don't get me the portable cooking stove or some candles 

Speaking of which I would adore another Emergency Kit  hint I might give some away too.

Finally I gave away a lot of blankets all for a good cause but now i want everyone i see

So yes..a Big Blanket too...

Next Month I will feature some gifts that are useful or not...

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