Monday, August 28, 2017

Reading : Summer Books

I have been reading but some books are just not to be shared should you have to actually share the physical book.

I picked up Rachel Bertsche MWF seeking BFF at the Dollar Store. I was going to head to Sand City sit on the beach and drink some wine, nosh on some goodies and relax.

Then my plans changed as I read this book I found myself remembering all those hysterics of my youth and what it would have been like if I went to college full time.

I am pretty sure this is a research paper complete with footnotes because otherwise how else do you explain it. Please do explain how a grown woman goes out and tries to find a BFF in one year by putting an ad out on Craigslist.
It helps that she has a lawyer for a husband but still explain it to me because with out the relationship studies analysis you can pretty much sum this book up in one word.

Nope its not Pathetic

Nope its not Desperate ( but trust me even the pages smell of desperation ).

Obscene is what is it.

This is the problem older generations have with the younger millennial generation the obscene disregard for character because for all Rachel's attempt to be human I would mistake her for a Google Bot in about 30 seconds otherwise.

The book overloaded with the ME ME ME that I am saddened by her editors job to make this book readable. I don't know what prompts Rachel to do such poor job of not looking in the mirror. It takes her a full 9 months to volunteer ...9 MONTHS Sheesh and I adore One Brick which she give a full paragraph to but spends again more time about herself than the actual tasks.

The other obscene aspect about this book is her 3 paragraph justification for her practice or non practice of Judaism. She can't make up her mind and her disregard for the institution is not confined to her generation but still I was offended by it and I am baptized Swedish Lutheran by a former Jewish Priest who converted.

I understand that some book just have to be written its the wiser person to know better.

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