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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Travel Alternatives

Recently, I have had to look up alternatives to plans I made and well to say the least I am going to be okay its just one of those times I love the fact I am resourceful so darn resourceful.

So, let's go over some alternatives to taking a plane or driving a car.
Granted, the car sharing world is great but the reality is that is not always the case so you have to look into alternatives and did you know that most cities have buses.

One of my favorite ways to get to Santa Cruz is via the Highway 17 bus. It is just awesome and for just heading over to the beach.

Another beach route I found RTA in San Luis Obispo so I can go to Morro Bay.

Vine in Napa will take me to Sonoma or the Outlets or even Napa Valley College.

Jazz and MST can take me all around Monterey, Carmel and Salinas.

Yes, traveling by rail or bus can be more time consuming than hoping in a car but the reality is sometimes bus is the only choice one has and it is nice to just have some time to look out the window and day dream.

Wait...don't daydream you might miss your stop. So here are some tips I give...

  • Please ask the driver if they will announce the stop 
  • Please DO NOT ASK THE DRIVER FOR WATER they are not vending machines. 
  • Please have your fare ready this means you should have the exact change 
  • Familiarize yourself with the routes AHEAD OF TRAVEL 
  • look at Google maps and please learn how to read maps !!!
  • Do you need assistance them during business hours you will be amazed at how helpful they really are
  • Do not assume someone will just help you doesn't work like that even on my good days I have just not helped lost souls out of pure apathy ( its nothing against them or me it just wasn't my turn that day ).
Did you know some events have special shuttles? Even BottleRock had a bus program 

There is also bike sharing programs along with walking pathways in most cities Baltimore mapmywalk

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