Sunday, August 6, 2017

Travel Guess Blogging?

Okay I admit I am a harsh critic but only of the wine reviews on Youtube channels ( hellow there are tutorials and software for that! ) but, is there really a market out there for Guest Bloggers about Travel?


Yes, aside from Fresh Press Media Opportunities you can find guest bloggers just by looking in the local paper and you can be a guest blogger too!

So if you are interested in being a guest blogger here on A Day Off Now simply leave a comment and I will reach out to you.

If you want to know where to find authors and authoritative people on a subject ...check Twitter and look up hashtags like #FoodTravelChat or #TravelToday you might find someone interested in being a guest blogger.

Now here is a few rules for both parties :

  • Be Honest : If you need a 500 word post complete with links and pictures tell the prospective site/blogger that. If you don't be sure that everyone understands that  
  • Remember your audience : I even admit I will refer people first before actually posting a guest blog because its much easier ( plus Google Bots just like SEO words ). If you suddenly throw in a sponsored guest blogger you may lose some of your audience really quickly 
  • State Who Has Editorial Control: Will you just blindly accept a 300 post on the benefits of travel sizes or will you nit pic the heck out of it for the is/are argument ? 
  • Monetary Compensation : Usually this is where a contract and an Blogger Agent come in. Be careful because some dlisted bloggers do have paid content advertising or affiliate links for posting articles. Also if you can't afford a $500 Guest Post you might want to simply ask for reprint permission at a mere $100 for the post instead. 
  • Ask and Ask Again : I can't say it enough agents and publicist get 100 requests an hour  ( An HOUR ) for if their client can do a guest post on such and such thing. Your first request may not get seen or even read if you are not clear and direct in your request ( offer ) 
  • 1+1 equals 2 : Just because you have a guest blogger doesn't mean they want you on their blog but, you can negotiate as well ask for a simple referral link, Share an Instagram Story or even a Twitter Moment. 
  • If It Doesn't Work Ask Someone Else: To date there are nearly 5000 bloggers and that is not even including Fiverr  where you can get some basic blogs for just five bucks. Just be sure there isn't any copyrighted material 
I am probably going to need a guest blogger sooner than later but I also really like doing my five questions so you may see that series return too. 

Just know I am here and I have information you may or may not be looking for but what else would you expect from me...its my day off now :) 

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