Wednesday, August 23, 2017

ZipCar Review Zova to Harlen

I admit my relationship with Zipcar is a study of neurosis but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Take for instance I know Zipcar is there for me when I get a flat tire.

First off, I picked up Zova for a weekend where I just needed to go go. Zova is a Honda Fit and it has Go-Cart like handling with enough room for me to go grocery shopping.

Now, if you know anything about Oz is that our roads are a constant state of repair whether the Winter Rains or the Summer Heat or even Fire Caltrans is not for without a lot of work on their hands.

So when Zova headed to the right and the low tire illuminated I was thinking, no big deal change the tire with the spare and be on my way.

Nope. That is why I have a soft spot for Zipcar, Roadside Assistance is there 24/7 and while I thought about calling it. I knew my weekend plans did not include waiting for a tow truck.

I took Zova back where I picked up and made the call to Customer Service because I wasn't in danger and it wasn't an Emergency.

The customer service rep was quick and understanding and I moved my reservation from Zova over to the Ford Focus Hatchback Harlen. I was back on the road and taking calls from friends stuck in traffic  asking if I could be in Martinez to pick them up at noon.

( Yes I am that person you call when you know I got a Zipcar ).

Whereas my original plans to be somewhere around a lot more cars 
I changed them in effort to make sure I didn't go over my miles and two that didn't get sunburnt.

The Ford Focus Hatchback Harlen is white and purrs on the road. I traveled back and forth in Harlen and even took Highway 17 where the CHP and I waved at each other
( Yes, I wave at police officers as I drive by- don't you? ).

All in all, Zipcars are not right around the block where I live the closest one is a good 10 miles away from my house but since the local bus service is discontinuing I am going to have to make a decision to invest more into Zipcar or move.

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