Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Fall Wine #WineWednesday : WatchDog Rock

Hey its Wednesday and someone is drinking wine and I have been drinking wine so let's talk Wine even though its not my day off. ( really can not wait till November )
I got to enjoy some of the 2014 WatchDog Rock Riesling form Washington State.

Its very drinkable on a hot day but not all day. I had to add ice and eventually just stopped drinking it.

Watchdog Rock is another Constellation Brand Wine  This is most likely bulk purchased wine that is a secondary label for another Constellation Brand  hence why I am so incredibly frugal in purchasing wine at most stores. I understand the process and growing seasons and huge organizations that take over massive productions with smaller lesser known wineries.

Watchdog is a great yellow straw hue that is refreshing and nice like a meyer lemon cake.

Unfortunately for me I have severe heat wave going on which caused me not to enjoy the wine very long aside from first couple of sips.

I also am allergic to heat ( kinda like wine in general ) and developed a massive rash on my body so there was no opportunity to save the wine for later but not for lack of trying.

I will keep an eye out for this wine as I notice one wine I talked about previously  was on sale for $15 this past weekend ( I think I picked it up for $5 at Grocery outlet) because 2ndary labels are starting to flood the market.

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