Saturday, September 9, 2017

Lists Upon Lists and Sponsored Posts (basically an update from me)

Right now the New York Fashion Week is going on. The week-long event is a serious dedication and propagation of fashion and all things you need.

Or Not.

I know of six (6) bloggers right now going to and from show to fashion to event here and there in New York covering the Big Names to smaller fashion houses to tech.

I am exhausted for them. After shuttling and taking probably 1000 pictures they will need to write up blog post after blog post which is HOURS of work.

What I am saying is that there are going to be List of things to do and Lists of posts you will read and
Sponsored Posts

Yes, I have noticed it too and its not a bad thing but, I have not delved back into the waters in part because if my words are my own I wouldn't be hawking some body shower gel at you.

What is going to happen in the next few weeks I am going to one post a week.

Its not because of you or because I am not traveling the reality is I am in the middle of my own "Fashion Week" September is the month of meeting after events after concert tour. I will also be prepping the October Posts which takes Hours to do. So fear not I am still drinking wine and will post here.

If you need a little more to read please see the fine people listed below because I read them too

Glasgow at MyLifeOnandOffTheGuestList

Randy at NowandZin

Jessica at HejDoll

Jennifer at JustAddGlam

Chris and Johnny at TravelSkills ps they also do a Twitter Chat on Fridays

Alright see you next week

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