Saturday, September 2, 2017

Summer Books : Read This One on the Beach

I know its Labor Day weekend the three days you pick up the book that has been on your nightstand all summer but never the time to sit down and read.
I loved this book regardless of where I was but so happy I found it.
I found it at the new AmazonBooks at Santana Row  which is an experience for Prime Members which is great but I did find a good book!

Cocaine Blues by Kerry Greenwood is written for you to enjoy on the beach or at Vintage Wine Merchants  which I did.
Phryne Fisher is stuck in the leading lady role of being the detective du jour. Her playground is Australia and Europe. Kerry Greenwood follows the script of female detective stuck in high society well enough complete with her Sherlock like detective skills.
No One Suspect Women are as ruthless and cunning as a power hungry man and that troupe is where we are at.
It helps that Kerry Greenwood is Australian and keeps the Outback in high regard.

But let us be honest we want a book to enjoy our afternoon and relax and take us away from it all.

This book does that and trust me its great with wine too.

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