Monday, October 16, 2017

5 Questions: Neil Cramer All Things Meeting

If you are not in the know please let me in on a well-kept secret of travelers and administrative heros.

All Things Meetings curated by Neil Cramer  is the go to source for events, meeting ideas, and especially the  All Things Meeting Trade Show annually in SF and here in Oz.

I was fortunate enough to meet Neil in person but, given his busy schedule and amazing photography I asked him just 5 Questions recently via internet

1.     What was your first start in Meetings? I started in the mail room for an incentive travel company in 1977. Things happened. :)
2.     How much fun do you have in finding meeting locations/venues? Depends on the group I am helping. I feel good when I can share something with them that I know I really enjoyed myself and I also enjoy researching new destinations or some crazy activity and educating myself as I go… kind of live vicariously through my clients (and sometimes wish they would take me long).
3.     Where do you see the future of meetings destination vs activity? There are so many different kinds of clients and each one has a different demographic and need. But if I had to see a trend, I think the next generation of attendees wants an interactive experience, not just being in a passive audience. That goes for both meetings AND activities.
4.     Any advice for a new Admin in charge of meetings? This is a cliché, but it’s all about relationships. Don’t believe web sites or marketing speak or Yelp or TripAdvisor. Get to know and trust individual salespeople (not necessarily an oxymoron), press them for details and their honest opinions, get references from experienced colleagues, and make sure you do a site inspection (if possible) before you book. If a salesperson lets you down, hold them accountable. Tell them, their bosses, and your colleagues if they ask.

5.     Your photography is great, where to next on your photography journal? Thanks, appreciate the kind words. It’s my passion and if I could, I would just take photographs and nothing else. The general idea is to integrate my travel/meetings blogs with my photos… do my familiarization trips, write about them for the planners that read my blogs, and use my own photos to give a “feel” to the destination. I’ll never be able to substitute for the iconic images provided by the suppliers and will use them too, but it’s my personal pics that make the experience mine. If any of your readers have the time, I suggest going to and watch a slide show. It’s how I see the world (it’s an art thing :)

Thank YOU Neil!
Sincerely, what got me started on taking A Day Off Now was because I met Neil. 
If you are in the East Bay be sure to sign up for the All Things Meeting Trade Show November 15, 2017 at The Round House 
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