Tuesday, October 17, 2017

5 Questions : Valerie Robins Write With Flair!

So meeting Valerie Robins on Twitter was fortuitous 
A few people know I am looking for an editor one for this blogging and two for a book I have running around in my head.

Here are my 5 Questions with Valerie Robins

Question #1: What got me started writing?

I’ve always loved the sound of words, how they work together to weave new ideas. All the words in the dictionary can be put together in different, endless combination that provoke thoughts and ideas, create new worlds, and describe feelings and impressions of what is going on around me.

Long before I was old enough to read, my parents regularly read books to my sisters and me. The books they read opened new vistas and beckoned me to jump in and wallow in them. At a very early age books fascinated me; they still do.

Way back in middle school I started writing short stories for myself and began honing my ability to write. During high school years, I discovered another form of writing, academic writing, and that opened up new possibilities to me. At the same time I also discovered the fun of researching information on topics I’d never heard of. Oh boy!! A brand new world opened up to me and I have not looked back.

Question #2: Writing for myself first or was it a gift to me?

I started writing for myself first and quickly discovered I had a knack for writing. I could describe more fully what I was feeling or thinking, explore who I was and draw others into the fun of both reading and writing.

Question #3: Favorite vacation spot that I actually relaxed in?

This one will have two answers.

Growing up in the United States, I lived in the beautiful Pacific Northwest rich with forests, lakes, mountains, trails, and an overwhelming wealth of camping opportunities. My favorite vacation spot I actually relaxed in would have been the high trails of the Cascade Mountains, backpacking for miles and absorbing the fantastic vistas spread out before me.

I now live in the Far North in British Columbia, Canada. About 45 minute drive from where my husband and I live is a little lake nestled into the forest called Purden Lake. I can daydream for hours while sitting by the lakeside, listening to the birds chattering in the trees, watching the ducks, geese, and other water fowl drifting by on the water, and listen to the Great Horned Owl wafting his call through the treetops in the middle of the night.

Question 4: Choose quickly—chocolate or vanilla (anything)?

Goes without saying – Vanilla CHEESECAKE!

Question 5: What am I planning for the holidays? New book? New town?

I have two new books sitting on the coffee table waiting for me to read them. I also have several ebooks waiting for me to read as well. I’ll also be able to spend more time writing the first book in a mystery series I have planned along with adding to my series of articles on Workplace Bullying as well as finishing a series on Divorce Recovery to be placed on my website at http://WriteWithFlair.com .

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