Wednesday, October 18, 2017

5 Questions with Anna Hallock of Monterey Tides

A few of you know I travel to Monterey at least once a month if not more. A few more of you know that I can be found at a Networking Events regarding travel and Monterey. One person I do see on an occasion or two is Anna Hallock of Monterey Tides.

1.       What drew you to Monterey?
  I had just graduated from the Baking and Pastry program at California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, with a job offer working with Bon Appetit as a pastry cook at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

2.       How did you get into travel and hotel business?
 Monterey is a major travel destination, so once I moved here, it was a natural progression.  My first hotel job was at Pebble Beach Resorts where I got my start in Hotel Sales.

3.       Is Monterey really like HBO's Big Little Lies?
          Scenery wise, absolutely!  Monterey is stunningly beautiful from Marina to Big Sur and Coast to Farmland.  And, I love how diverse Monterey is.
 It’s a weird, crazy, amazing collection of communities, from the artistic community of Pacific Grove, to beachy Monterey, and the wineries in Salinas.  I think that’s what makes it such a great travel destination; you can really experience anything when you are here.

4.       Any advice for those unfamiliar with Monterey Tides?
  If you can, travel during the week to enjoy Taco Tuesday and Wine Wednesday.  After check in, unwind with a cocktail from the lobby bar and drink in the bay views from the lounge chairs on the deck, or pick up firewood and s’mores kits from the front desk to build a bonfire on the beach.

5.       I know you and I adore Folktale Winery, is there a favorite wine that you enjoy on your vacation?
Living in Monterey I have the absolute luxury of being around some of the best wineries. (Dare I say better than Napa?)  Not only is Folktale’s Rose one of my favs, but there is also Pierce Ranch Vineyards (their Albarino is to die for) and anything from the Santa Lucia Highlands region.
Trust me when I say I adore hanging out with Anna and all the team from Joie De Vivre hotels! 

Thank You Anna!

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