Saturday, October 21, 2017

5 Questions with Jennifer Abrams

One person whom I met probably 7 years ago at a Networking Event was Jennifer Abrams. Jennifer is at Cinnabar Golf Course which is just down the ways from my abode. The property is nestled in the hills near Calero Dam. Jennifer has been my best connection in Networking introducing me to several people and taking the time to chat with me about Golf.

Here are 5 Questions with Jennifer Abrams

1. What drew you into the World of Golf?
 Since I was a little girl I was fascinated with golf, for the simple reason that my dad loved the game.  He would play every Saturday (rain or shine) and be one of the first golfers to tee-off.  Nothing got in the way of his special day.   It was his time to be out on the golf course with his buddies.  He would walk those 18 holes with his clubs swung over his shoulder, never using a golf cart.  I always wanted to go with him, but he didn’t think his girls should be playing.  He felt that we should do other sports like swimming, tennis, and dance.  My father passed away three years ago at the age of 94.  Golf kept him fit and active.   

2. Do you get to play unlimited Golf ?

As a sales representative, my job requires me to be out in the field 70% of the time. And 30% is following up with companies and people. However, I do find time to play nine holes and Cinnabar Hills Golf Club has “Family Tees” which the yardage is shorter and makes it a fun 2 hour game. 

3. What are some unique features at Cinnabar that make events there special?
  We are nestled in the hills of south San Jose and only 4 miles from the freeway – but you feel that you have gotten away from the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley. The banquet room has floor to ceiling windows which look out onto beautiful views of the golf course and oak studded hills with an adjacent outdoor patio surrounded by gardens.

4. Any advice for a new Admin who's Boss is allergic to golfing ?
Cinnabar Hills Golf Club listens to their customers and we offer a wide range of events even for those that don’t want to play golf. One example is a team building putting contest. Since we have three putting greens, we can set up various obstacles just like miniature golf. This makes it fun for everyone, including bosses who don’t play golf and it shows employees the boss can be accessible outside of work.  

5. I adore your hairstyle, where do you go to pamper yourself?
 My best secret is Extend Your Image in Morgan Hill.  I have been going to see my stylist, Robin and Renee for years.  Robin is the star when it comes to extensions and cuts and Renee does amazing color.  They treat me like a sister and I always enjoy catching up on the news and “what’s happening” in our town.  It’s not just a hair appointment – it’s a party for me and my hair.   

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