Friday, October 20, 2017

5 Questions with Josh Cacho

I am very fortunate to participate in a weekly chat on Twitter #FoodTravelChat where I have met fellow travelers.

Josh is one traveler who I am VERY envious of because he seems to go EVERYWHERE .

So I asked him 5 Questions. 

1. What is the newest food you have tried?

The newest foods I have tried were the French toast, eggs Benedict and chilaquiles at Madison On Park. Very tasty and great value for the price. Just love the design of the outside.

2. You are an engineer and a traveler do you find yourself engineering travel or travel to be an engineer?
Good question. I think as an engineer I find myself doing engineering travel. As in I always love architecture, process and the details when I pass them by, especially man made objects. They are amazing. Latest venue which blew my mind was of terracotta warriors from china which were on display in Seattle when I was there 2 weeks ago. The detail is incredible.

3. The Solar Eclipse next year will encompass Australia are you going to go?
No unfortunately not. I have many friend which are going but unfortunately the timing did not work out for me. I was in Portland literally 2 days after the solar eclipse occurred though and wish I would have been there two days earlier. 😞. I am thankful for videos people have posted though, it looked like a truly once in a lifetime experience

4. Are you a member of the Shave club?

5. Easiest way to travel you have found?
This for me has been credit card points with ones that are designed for points which can be transferred to any airline. In the last 3 years I have gotten 4 free round trip tickets to Europe using credit card points. Sure I have had to go in march, September or November which may not have been the best months to some of the counties I have visited but it was FREE which to me can't be beat!

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