Friday, October 27, 2017


Maybe you have heard but, just incase on Thursday, November 9th the San Francisco Bay Area will Rock, Roll, and Rap its way into the BEST event EVER!!!

Band Together Bay Area is happening

Now is the time for the Bay Area to come together to help our neighbors in need.

Video Credit: Aaron Olson
The fires in the North Bay are the most destructive disaster in California history.

Photo Credit: Press Democrat
11,000 firefighters worked tirelessly to contain 250 fires.

Photo Credit: Press Democrat
In the wake of these fires, the community is left with 8,400 structures, including 6,000 homes, to rebuild.

This is just one way for you to enjoy Music and help a great cause. 

So you are either near or far and you will be here on November 9th The Show starts at 6pm featuring acts from Metallica, Dave Matthews, Dead and Company, G-Easy, and More. 
You will arrive probably at the gates at AT&T Park at Noon but don't worry because you know me you took Cal-Train to get there and of course you know where you are going to stay right? Since you are already coming to visit me for Picasso and ART you know we will be hanging out with the IN CROWD for sure. 

I will see you in 11 Days because we have to go shopping for donations too! 

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