Thursday, October 5, 2017

#ComeVisitMe : Cinequest 2018

I appreciate you coming to see me as I am sure I have been in your neck of the woods once before.

So, you decided to join me for the Cinequest Film Festival happening February 27th to March 11th.
This little film festival has grown to feature world renowned actors and officially be the one stop for all things Virtual Reality.

This annual event has become where you will find the newest stories and unique technologies.

But all you care about while visiting is where to put your head and where the events are going to be.
Well, because you know me and I know where its at you checked with me and of course I sent you to the reservations desk at The Fairmont Hotel.
Not because I don't want you to save money and stay with me but because this way you will be center to the festival.
(FYI: If you are planning to come here for Cinequest make your reservations ASAP these rooms fill up FAST ).

In addition to be close to everything you will be in walking distance of the three film venues downtown San Jose
California Theater

Camera 3

Hammer Theater
The three film screening locations are augmented by the Before and After Events that are just as worthy of Oscar attention and your attendance which will be nearby as well.

Oh and do not be surprised if there is a lot of other stuff going one because the time frame is also when the San Jose Sharks are getting ready for playoffs or everyone is getting ready for the Spring!

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