Tuesday, October 10, 2017

#ComeVisitMe : Heroes and Villians in December

If you are not in the know Heroes and Villains Fan Fest is NOT your local version of Dad Pants Reunion Show. The event is personal and honest and fun as Frack!

Seriously, you gotta come visit me this December and I promise we won't wear any weird cosplay...
That said you have to arrive here by Friday December 1st because there is a good chance you will catch one or two Guests out and about town.
Oh and you do not need to be a fan of any of the Guests because you are a fan of the fandom and there is a good chance you like wine ( because why else are we hanging out together? )
There is a likelihood of a Nocking Point Shindig  happening on Saturday where you will hear some good (?) music.
[ Editor's Note: The Question Mark is if you like listening to Neal McDonough playing the harmonica or Stephen Amell forgetting lyrics to modern songs but he knows all the words to Little Mermaid's Songs ]

You will be probably be aware of the new hotel (AC Marriott) but because you know me and the Sharks will not be playing home games you will be staying at Santana Row Valencia Hotel where you will be probably prone to seeing someone famous (Me?) in street clothes.

Then Saturday its a one easy trip on the 323 to the Convention Center ( no you do not rent a car in San Jose seriously don't do it ). Where you will find a line but again you are 'in the know' so you got your VIP Pass and I am in the know so I have my pass where we meet up at Cafe Frascati for coffee and probably another opportunity to bump into someone very talented ( the barista ).

Finally we spend the day inside the show catching up with the fabulous worlds and amazing cosplay breaking for lunch again we head over to the SoFA District to Blue Chip  because their wings are awesome and I like their BLT ( plus I know the owner ). So we nosh on french fries and relax before heading back in for the rest of the afternoon.

Now here is the thing, the Nocking Point Party might be long and start later....I think Nap time and if the weather is like anything we'll head over the Ceasar Chavez Park for Christmas in the Park where there is these Adirondack chairs...No? Okay we'll head back on the 323 to your hotel room for a quick nap, shower and change before again heading back to Downtown for the Nocking Point Party.

Fortunately, there is easy way to head back to the hotel afterward as you decide to close the place down. It will be Sunday AM when I promptly knock on your door with coffee at 8am. We're both starved and ready to own the rest of the Fan Fest so its Sunday where the magic usually happens long talks, more giveaways and plus some silliness so its going to be sweats and sweatshirts as we make our way over to Vero's or Sopa's or even Whole Foods for more coffee and bread / bagel/ like items.

We'll be re-energized upon approaching the San Jose Convention Center and see more cosplay than should be legal but the thing is ...Heroes and Villains inspire people to be better a majority of the people are supporting F8CK Cancer or Code 8 or a Dozen more nonprofit endeavors so we are happy to give away money for stuff we could probably buy online but they bothered to come so we going to spend our bills.

You have to head back to check out and I need to get you to the airport...its a simple trip and you are packed. You grab the 60 to Great America then the 10 Airport Shuttle and you are done ready for your 7pm flight back home with a million photos and dozen more stuff ( maybe two bottles of wine too ). As I head home you send one more text " THIS WAS THE BEST TRIP EVER" and I smile.

So Let's Plan for the Silicon Valley Comic Con April 6th to 8th!

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