Thursday, October 12, 2017

Disaster Travel

As you may be aware of the State of California is in the throes of Fires that have burnt thru Vineyards, Businesses and Homes.

Equally, the entire Territory of Puerto Rico is still devastated from the recent Hurricanes.

And Finally, I don't think there is anyone that doesn't know someone that knew someone that was in Las Vegas on Sunday October 1st.

There you are with passport or hotel reservation in hand getting ready for a trip to an region that has just been torn up and in the process of healing.






If you have already confirmed where you are going is available and that you will be safe please go and take your dollars with you.
I realize I am promoting the worst possible advice but the truth is your Tourist Dollars get stretched further than a donation.

Yes, it was not comfortable for people stuck in Las Vegas after the shooting and it was near unbearable for tourist in Puerto Rico and trust me Tourist in Anaheim or Napa are not exactly the first thing people who have lost their homes want to see.

But you can do some good.

Volunteer. You have a ton of travel sized items ...share those.

Yes, you wanted to relax and you needed to relax but cancelling your plans won't help those in need because your donation will only be immediate but trust me giving people a job to do ( drive you around ) is better than having them sit their idle dwelling on what they lost.

Wait.. This is a First World Ignorant Issue.

Then Don't Go.
What will happen then?
You will donate the $100 you were going to spend and stay at home instead.
Now you have an Airline Credit that may or may not be good for at least six months.
You might have gotten back 90% of the hotel reservation minus the fees but you can only use it at that hotel.
You saved on getting trinkets and doodads from the store saying you were there.

So let's review ...the Airline still has your money till you make another reservation, the hotel is got the fees but you didn't get to see the city and the store keeper is now closed.

Either way is there a win for this scenario? Yes, Go to that Disaster. You are not naive enough to book the flight without calling the destination hotel ? Heck just calling is not going to hurt you.

What about Mosquitos? What about that smoke ? What about........(fill in the space)?


Before I traveled to Santa Barbara I looked up a fellow Blogger and contacted her.

Before I traveled to Eureka I call the Chamber of Commerce and a Hotel.

Before I travel I call...follow do some damn research that takes maybe a day ( not really but for doubters sake of argument ) I ask questions.

Twitter is also a treasure trove of resources too.

Yes you can stay home and donate and that is perfectly fine. Just not the best way to help an area rebuild especially one that is dependent on tourism.

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