Friday, October 13, 2017


I had a month long planned posts from travel to luggage to sleeping in.
I pulled a lot of posts down or back to draft after the Las Vegas Shooting on October 1st.
My thinking was to let the week go with one post or two a day then ramp back up.
Then Sunday night the Fire Storm started.
Waking up Monday Morning I thought someone left the outdoor patio fire on but no, the entire city of Santa Rosa was on fire.
Again, pull off some schedule posts and revert back to draft No one wants to celebrate when there is such massive unrelenting destruction going on.

Now next week I have my 5 Questions starting but that will be it.

I can not ask you to do more than you have already done.

There is just so much a plea for help can do but I will ask you this:

Please do not forget about the victims in 30 days, in 6 weeks or 4 months.

Mark on Your Calendar something you can do ...Donate to Red Cross, Take a garbage bag and put clothes in it that you can't wear any more over to the good will, Volunteer at the local Food Bank for an Saturday Afternoon.

then Repeat, again Mark Your Calendar three weeks from that date, two months later because the problem is that help is not going to always be there for the victims.

The Houston Victims still need help with food and water and the same for those in Florida , it will take a couple of years for Puerto Rico to rebound but they need medical assistance now.
The Fires from Santa Rosa to Napa up to Calistoga basically burned the liquid gold of the State of California and will certainly be close to a Trillion Dollars and a decade for the region to recover but worse yet the Fires have not stopped or been contained.

Everyone effected by these disasters are going to take a long time ( more than 6 months ) and that doesn't include people that are still recovering from horrific crimes committed throughout this Nation.

So yes you are going to be busy but its the good kind of busy the one that makes a difference.

Be Gratiful that you can give, volunteer, promote where so many ( nearly a 1/4th of the country population ) will be on the receiving end of your efforts.

Thank You In Advance, 

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