Sunday, October 22, 2017

Hi ...I am in The Ether

So if you follow me on Twitter either @SwimPatricia or @AppelquistP you would know I am in the midst of moving which is code for the worst possible torture for living in the Land Of Oz.

The problem is that there has been a major disaster here in Oz all year long really the State of California has been declaring Federal Disaster Emergencies for about the entire year from the rains and floods to the Fires that started. This doesn't include the fact that Mexico has our earthquakes for us now which apparently we also subsidized those to Oklahoma for a while till they figured out Fracking wasn't just a term on BSG ( Google it I am not going to bother explaining that to you ).

So in addition to the Day In and Day Out Grind of actually living in Oz with the perpetual misinterpeted judgement looks from a train conductor or someone walking along side you on the street. I have to organize 7 years of my life into a box then take said box to new place unpack it and call it home.

Oh and its only home for a limited time then I start this process all over again ( hopefully not but realistic views are necessary for this plane of existence  ).


Play the Lottery I will post when I can and trust me I did take down a lot of preplanned posts due to National Tragedies that may or may not be re applied for other stuff.

Oh and yes its 64 Days till Christmas! Don't think I don't know that ....

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