Sunday, October 8, 2017

Twitter Travel

I admit I am a bit of a Twitter pain in the rear end but the reality is I just go for the hashtags. Just like the buffet at a sales conference I have lots of goodies and refreshments for you.

So if you are on twitter check out a few folks :

Michela Fantinel (@rockytravel) She does some traveling solo and went to Brisbane Apparently there is one in Australia ...go figure.

Staycation ? Its the Newest Thing to do ? I don't know but if you do check out the Eventbrite Guides

Melvin of @TravelDudes probably has been everywhere and nowhere at the same time but for a platform it goes a long way in the whole travel inspiration thing

Melinda Crow (@melindacrow) does a lot of traveling and insight to traveling which is good too but mostly get the 411 from her. Oh and she is in Texas

Rachel Lucas hails from Florida (@TravelBlggr) one thing she does is the Travel Bite which introduced me to a new way to french fry  (hint they are called sticks now )

Every Wednesday on Twitter I join in the hashtag FoodTravelChat and have met a lot of great people thru that. Check it out this Wednesday at 5pm PST.

Trust me there is more ...but let's be honest if you are going to travel...just do it and tweet about it!

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