Wednesday, October 4, 2017

#WineWednesday : 2014 Evans &Tate Breathing Space Australian Cabernet Sauvignon

I admit I do not always drink wine on Wednesdays, but then again you can go to church on Wednesdays and still pray to the same holy entity you would on Sundays.

Not sure where I am going with that train of thought but its okay this 2014 Evans and Tate Breathing Space Australian Cabernet Sauvignon let's one do that no matter what the day is as long as it ends with a Y.

I admit there is a lot to say about this wine...a lot.

First off this is a great Australian Cabernet Sauvignon complete with the blood red color to the tannic kick in the back of your throat that is off set by a 13.5% alcohol content that really goes for your gut.

I will be honest I need a good hearty Cabernet every once in a while to remind me of the reasons I drink wine and the many more reasons for me to savor life.

Unfortunately, with the high alcohol content I confirmed something I was starting to be concerned over. I will get better at losing weight but one side effect of my excess weight is heart burn due to high alcohol content. Seriously, I adore great wines and some are amazing even at 12% alcohol but anything near 14% will send me into the nearest Walgreens begging for tums or a glass of milk.

The wine is delicious sincerely complete with a tobacco leather texture on the tip of your tongue and I would have aged this properly ( easily good for another 10 years ), but due to crazy pills taken by political figures I had to open this bottle just to handle my private twitter. I even had to take an extraordinary step of modifying my personal blog header statement.

These are dangerous times and this wine is dangerous too I could easily take this with a bacon wrapped filet mignon or lobster thermidor its so good and would cut thru the buttery fat easily complimenting the heavy handed proteins.

Alas the actual reason I picked up the bottle was because I liked the label .

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