Wednesday, October 11, 2017

#WineWednesday : Where to Get Wine ?

It is true I shop at Grocery Outlet more than I do wineries or actual wine shops.
That is not because I am a horrible uninformed wine noob -thought the argument could be made for that.

I just worked in the wine industry, I also go to wine events, I have also had to buy wine for events and I stay on top of the wine guides pretty religiously.

So Why do I go to a 3rd Market store for wine ?

Budget Plain and Simple.
When I have spent more than $30 for a bottle I am sometimes disappointed which is par for the course. But when I spend it at a winery expecting good wine but then turning the bottle over and seeing the grapes were not from a vineyard but the generalized "Central Coast of California" well that area stretches from South of Napa AVA to the Northern Tip of Santa Ynez AVA.

I know there is not one but three HUGE Wine Houses that produce nearly 40% of the bulk grapes bought and sold on the market. Aside from the secondary labels that these wine conglomerates have they will not only buy grapes but they are also selling their own grapes for better grapes from smaller vineyards.

So this begs the question why am I buying 2nd Label wines from Conglomerate Wine Houses...because the wine is usually the same as the wine in the 1st Known Label that is being sold for $19 that I am picking up for $5.

So why do I not buy Online directly from vineyards or brokers like Basically, its a crapshoot the shipping will be free but there will be bottle minimum ( usually 2 ).  So why don't I go directly to the wineries, i do and usually membership saves a TON of money here but just like when I went to Clos La Chance and bought the Rose' that was event and now sold out. Spending $30 to $300 at a winery is nothing new to me but I have to remember its not worth doing if I am going to regret it later.

So try  where 6 bottles is usually $10 a bottle and you are getting enough for the party or the holidays or for your storage unit until your cellar cave is built. ( shipping is usually free )

Now Yes, there is an errant bottle in my Grocery Outlet experience but I rather have spent only $5 on that bottle versus $30.

Am I speaking sacrilege not exactly as its an evident open secret given wineries usually created 2nd Tier Labels for wines for decades now. I am just admitting to buying it.

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