Sunday, November 12, 2017

#ComeVisitMe : Chocolate Tour

I know why would you travel all the way to Oz for a chocolate tour? Especially since there is Chococurb that will introduce you to chocolate from around the world and you eat it in the comfort of your own home?

Well, you will see me too so there is that.
Now let's get serious and try some damn good chocolate together....

It will be the first of Spring 2018 and because you already signed off on going to Cinequest and Silicon Valley Comic Con you decided the Chocolate events were worthwhile to splurge on.
Plus the two-day International Chocolate Festival is also during the Wine and Chocolate Festival in Saratoga.

You worry you won't be able to taste the nuances and different textures of what has to be the premier chocolate locale because after all Oz was home to the artisanal chocolate Scharffen Berger so trust me I won't steer you wrong.

After you plane landed and we have to wait till 4pm for your hotel to be ready we'll head over Timothy Adams Chocolates for our first bon mots.

Its not a surprise we enjoy Prosecco with our choice chocolates that stretch the globe in flavors from spice to all things nice. Now handmade chocolate is grand and all.

The only problem is that knife that compels us to try to slice the chocolate which really wont do but for the time being we try fruitlessly.

Next time we'll just get two of everything and enjoy.
Fortunately, across from Timothy's is Alegio Chocolate small batch, hand crafted chocolate that literally has span the globe. You fall in love with the Salt and Pepper one just like me.

Now Saturday and Sunday are spent at festivals or the Emergency Room for sudden chocolate overload depending on how you handle your chocolate....bathing in it doesn't mean there isn't any calories absorbed - we are both despondent over this.

So Monday we go to a standard Godiva store

Where we indulge in a soft serve complete with waffle cone or is that a milkshake in your hand.
Don't worry chocolate is good for you ....just in moderation so we'll make plans to go to Hudson Valley in Baltimore in 2019!

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