Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Living In a Hotel

Have you ever gone on vacation and wanted to just live in your hotel for EVER ...literally FOREVER because think about it you would not do the laundry, housekeeping would.

You could eat specialized menu items all the time form a gourmet chef no less.

But could you ?


Live in a Hotel for longer than your average 3 to 5 day vacation ?

Well, the reality is No.

Its not like people do not do this but, every single person you ask whom spends 80% of their time going from hotel room to hotel room would say "There  is NO Place Like Home"

Some premier examples are as follows

Dominic Purcell's Instagram Feed while he posts mostly about a variety of things and him being in a hotel is one of them

There is the Rosebud Hotel article on the 15 reasons why people live in hotels. Its from 2012 and some reasons resonate today but Hotels lost their Corporate Housing card when literally corporations started to rent / own actual apartment complexes for their executives because they didn't have to pay the ever so popular way to raise taxes without raising taxes with a hotel / tourist tax.

Now, the other thing is what I call the pesky Damage Waiver Fee. This fee is usually applied to larger corporation hotels and usually twice the amount you are paying nightly, but what if you are staying at said hotel for longer than 10 days?

Frommer's has a great resource  for this.

Just know living in a hotel can kinda feel like home but it really isn't.

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