Friday, November 3, 2017

Traveling Fat

Anyone who knows me knows I grew up at an airport my father worked at.

My Dad was easily up to 400lbs at 6feet 4 inches he knew weight limits for planes and he knew seat design very personally.

He never let that stop him unfortunately it did stop me.

It was about two years after his death that I was making my quarterly visit to my Mother I noticed the seats changed to a more narrow seat.
This didn't bother me until about 2006 when my airline choices narrowed and i watched a man probably smaller than my dad get actually stuck in a seat.

The incidents increased complete with celebrities and extra fees.

I still flew I just was way more cautious on the flight.

The last flight I took was not bad but I noticed when I sat down my companions couldn't stop watching I felt shame but not for myself.
The four across seats were occupied by two large people. They had to pay for the additional seat because of their size. They had to ask for a second seat belt extender. They had to endure the look of dozens of people walking by them because they were the first to board the plane.

Of course there is a child on the plane completely innocent observation but you can feel your gut turn on when he walks by and his eyes get wide as he looks at the two people.

This maybe my more motivated factor for traveling by bus, sure it takes maybe 4 more hours but it costs $300 less.

The airline is the first hurdle ...wait till you get to the hotel. I swear I went to Skinny People Hotel Heaven complete with children and millennials with perfect skin and regardless that I had lost weight and wasn't hideous. I might as well have been 1000lbs compared to the other guests but you know what bothered me the most? The fact the janitor, bell boy, drink cart, and Security Officer hovered around me should I go into cardiac arrest any minute.

I wish I could say I went back to the hotel but I didn't.

Whereas another hotel that I have returned to has not inflicted such disdain for my mere existence and I return there even when I regained my weight.

Lest we not forget there are those of us whom are subject to a silent bias of a look, a sigh, a person who won't look them in the eye as they check in and boarding a plane.

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