Friday, December 29, 2017

Dear Reader : 2018 is ready !


I know my posts for December were so-so but, honestly there is only so much one can do without going around pulling out everyone else's hair too.

The politics of travel have become an mundane acknowledging grunt people use as they exit / enter transportation.

Yet, there is something to be said that travel is on the verge of breaking down or breaking out. From faster, quieter planes to fuse boxes blowing up shutting down domestic travel for days.
2018 looks to be a good year to travel but also a year to make sure you have read all the ID requirements.

Also, there is an increasing allure of shared private travel brought down to the public grasp with NetJets and other purveyors of perceived luxury.

I will try to get to Baltimore, Maryland way before I head over to Yosemite or back to Paso Robles.

Also I will address Oz's Identity Crisis because the truth is cities across the Nation are copping to a psuedo trend of being hip and appealing brain trust-esque.

As for the hashtags most likely will continue because those are complete and absolutely easy cheats establishing some credibility for my consistency to utilize hashtags.

If you would like be part of 5 Questions or have suggestions on my travel journey please know I appreciate comments.

Will I put a Twitter account complete with Instagram and Facebook for this blog? No. I just do this as a hobby (albeit a serious hobby).

That said 2018 should be a good year ...I hope you have packed a bag to Go too!


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