Saturday, December 2, 2017

Family Travel

I do not have a husband.
I do not have children.
I do not even have a dog anymore.

Its just me, so when I travel I admit I have to only worry about me. Its made me the worst person to actually blog about travel, why? Because the majority of people have a family - a husband a child and a dog all have to be considered when traveling.

From how many wet wipes to carry to if a car seat can be a carryon or checked baggage must be considered.

Now don't get me wrong I think Family Travel is great from the Griswalds' Vacation to Airplane if you gotta travel ...its better to travel with your family.

This isn't that kind of post though.

One thing I realize is that usually 9 out of 12 travelers are single travelers going home to be with Family.
From Military to College to shuttle between Mom and Dad, people usually travel for Family.

We travel to go see Family for whatever reason holiday or not.
We pack things we have to pack complete with the intangible baggage of years of memories.
We pack expectations and fears of responses.
Then we get in a car, on a bus or board a plane complete with carry on luggage no one can see.

Its Family ....the root of you the place or people you can always count on support or be disappointed in.

Yet when people ask us we don't listen to the excitement but search out the trepidation in their response for their travel not because they are putting it up there...but our own conjured beliefs everyone travels to their family for some horrible inexplicit reason of torture.

So when you say your are traveling to visit family ...put a smile on and be happy you have a family to go visit.

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