Saturday, December 9, 2017

Napa is Open

Silverado Resort and Spa
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Wine Country Silverado Resort Update
We wanted to reach out to confirm that Silverado Resort and Spa is operating at full levels of service and is prepared to host your groups for an amazing trip to the Napa Valley.
The resort is fully reopened and has been welcoming guests since October 25th. We understand that some travelers may have concerns based on visual representations of the area following the wildfires. Rest assured that the physical effect to Napa County is limited, and wineries, restaurants and other businesses are open and welcoming visitors.
The fires burned predominantly in the forested hillsides, and the well-known Napa Valley floor – located between Highway 29 and the Silverado Trail – saw little to no impact. Though the area is recovering, we are thriving as a united community. Now is the perfect time to experience the Napa Valley spirit.

Since reopening, Silverado Resort has hosted several meeting groups, and we wanted to share some of their comments to provide reassurance that the experience is once again, as you would expect, amazing:

"I am the Event Chair for an industry group and we had our annual meeting planned for the Silverado Resort on November 8-10, 2017. Imagine my anxiety when the Napa Valley fires broke out 4 weeks before our meeting was scheduled. We immediately contacted the resort to find out if they were still up and running. The Conference Service Manager and the Vice President of Sales and Marketing took time out of their incredibly busy schedules to keep me updated continuously on the status of the resort. Even after they were evacuated and did not have access to the resort, they kept me continuously updated. Amazingly, they did not have any major damage and our meeting went on as scheduled.
We were not sure what to expect upon arrival, but were pleasantly surprised.  From what we saw of the resort, there was absolutely no damage. If the fires were not so heavily televised, I would never have known about them, by the impeccable state of the resort. The rooms were immaculately clean, no smell of smoke anywhere. We had our meet and greet cocktail party in the big tent, and it was beautifully decorated. The food!!! The food throughout the 3 days was amazing. We had breakfast, lunch and snacks provided for our meeting attendees, and everything was fresh and delicious. The service we received from the Conference Services staff was absolutely wonderful. If something was needed, it was provided immediately. There wasn’t much we needed to ask for – they did an excellent job of anticipating our needs.
My husband and I extended our stay a couple of days to enjoy the area. We visited wineries, downtown Napa and the neighboring towns as well. If you enjoy great food and wine, this is the area for you! We did not see any restaurants or wineries closed due to the fires. We won’t hesitate to return again!"  

Frances Faulkenberg, Nuclear Industry Assessment

"As a meeting planner, I was apprehensive traveling to Napa so soon after the fires. My group traveled as scheduled last week to Silverado Resort and Spa, and (I'm pleased to report) had a wonderful time!
In fact, there was little evidence of the fire during our travels throughout the valley to visit various wineries and restaurants.
The air is clear, and there was NO lingering smell of smoke.
It's so important now to support the local businesses.
Don't let anything keep you from traveling to Napa!" 

Valerie Moore, President, Executive Meeting Consultants

We thank Valerie and Frances for their wonderful testimonials and for visiting Siverado Resort and Spa. For your next 2018 Napa Valley meeting, book aSilverado Resort Value Date and receive limited-time Value Date concessions. 

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