Friday, December 1, 2017

NO NO NO!!! Travel / Gift Guides ....

I am sorry I can not join in the chorus of bloggers giving out Gift Guides.

1. Everything I would "recommend" is stuff I want you to get me.
2. Gift Guides are just "sponsored" posts in disguise because no one in my family wants a collapsable cheese grater for picnics
3. If you aren't producing over 300,000 views a week you will not get a sponsored posts.
4. Most links in Gift Guides are Affiliate links where they "encourage" you to sign up for newsletters
5. Everything I would ask for is basically my own Gift Guide. Trust me, you can't afford it anymore than I can.

Finally, I would rather you take the $300 to $5000.00 you would spend on my suggested gifts and give away to the following charities...Thank You In Advance.

DIME Music School

Banneker-Douglas Museum 


Stupid Cancer

Thanks again!

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