Sunday, December 10, 2017

Reading So You Don't Have To : The Seventh Day By Yu Hua

I sincerely, absolutely loved the beginning of this book. From lyrical writing to engaging story telling.
Then Day 5 and there is a secondary abstract story that is brought in to the pages purely to extend the number of pages. The relationship is an attempt to make something of nothing literally over nothing. Perceptions twisted and perceived happy endings drawn out in the worst possible ways.

The orphan the railway worker the mother the realization love comes in different shapes and sizes and relations don't always last forever.
The love story is told against the strife and agony of a country growing too fast razing neighborhoods without regard. Tractors and Trailers rape the landscape causing friction against a placid existence.
The story telling is good but I had to flip past Day 5 and Day 6 to get to Day 7 in angst of realizing the Editor Told the Writer to Add to the simple story or worse cover up a treacherous plagerism of a similar story the author wrote?

I don't know but whatever the cause and effect or reasoning the story starts out so good and I know I am suppose to tell you about the characters that would ruin it for you so I will leave you with this picture from unsplash by Ry Van

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