Wednesday, December 13, 2017

#WineWednesday; Big Zin Rex Goliath

Thanksgiving came and went and I had this Zinfandel again ( and I will drink it again and again its That Good )
YUM Seriously it was yummy good and seriously heavy handed
I have lost some weight so the 13.5% ABV didn't cause heartburn which meant I could enjoy the spice and tobacco flavors backed up by the berry kick on the end...yeah this wine is upside down the burn of the alcohol brings forth a fruit flavor that is buried under the dirt.

You could cellar this and open this wine in five years and it still taste the same as its a blend of Zinfandel grapes with I believe a pinch or two of Carignan hence the berry on the back.

If you have to have a fat high protein meal and need something to cut it...try this Zinfandel ...its good.

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