Wednesday, December 6, 2017

#WineWednesdays : Champagne

Its true I like Champagne and I found some too
This d'Armanville is from France which part? I hope Champagne 

Now why would one go out of their way to drink Champagne...why don't you do it? 
Seriously, I understand there is an increasing tide against all sorted alcoholic beverages and alcoholism but does Champagne really count? 

Yes. so don't bother reading about why I enjoyed it...go look at something else like this new worldly drug  Revival

If you are still here this was NICE AND NEEDS TO BE COLD SERIOUSLY DRINK IT IN 35 Degree weather on the beach. 

I am not kidding. 

I loved the bubbles I loved the 12% alcohol I loved it with orange juice and cranberry juice I need more of this than I do air. 

Because of the bubbles became my air. 

If North Korea does launch a missile I am running home and grabbing this bottle out of the refrigerator and starting to guzzle. Pop some popcorn and Watch the Bombs fall. 

Why? I swear for ten amazing beautiful seconds I stopped thinking and just watch the tiny bubbles. It was a vacation. 
Aside from the tender sweetness on the tip of my tongue to the sour apple hitting the back of my tongue I wanted this Champagne by the case but I just got a bottle ( don't worry i will get more ). 

If I got diagnosed with some debilitating disease and had maybe a day to live I would drink this instead of water for 24 hours. 

I am not kidding. 

Oh and I will be not be getting any glasses to share this with you...#sorrynotsorry 

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