Thursday, January 11, 2018

#ComeVisitMe : Coffee on Castro St.

I admit I am a bit of nomadic soul complete with a need for caffeine fortunately there is lots of places to go. Especially if you come visit me and we take the Light Rail to Downtown Mountain View.

First, we could pass on the whole light rail and take the Bus Route 522 and go to Peets Coffee on El Camino before Castro
Here we can lounge indoors or outdoors on their massive patio watching the traffic or chatting about the construction on the corner and how it seems the only cranes we see in the sky are the ones building buildings too high.

Next we'll head to the epitome of Corporate Take-Over that is trying to good all the while pumping you full of sugar, sodium and taking your money for overpriced drinks

I asked for an At Here Cup and got denied aside from the whole vibe of the place coming off as an validation for someone to spend their day online in a coffee shop I can say I don't want to go back there again.

Next up
I love Red Rock Coffee Shop its got a great brew and two stories. Most week nites you can find me upstairs getting cultured which goes from Open Mic to Performance Art to a Lecture on Robots. 
The staff is super chill but the day I went I was sideswiped by some freaking family drama between a millennial and her father which was not a good time for anyone except the guy across the room typing up stuff as fast as Marshall Mathers rhymes. 

I don't know how anyone who does not work in a coffee shop can spend more than an hour there but lo and behold I could have stayed all day instead I headed right back to grab some more awesome vibe from Peets down on the Left Side of the Street. 
We could have so much fun sitting in the window watching all the tech workers and people meeting. Or we could just chill in the leather chairs and discuss what is the best way to play Cards Against Humanity ? 

So come visit me because you know you want some coffee! 

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