Thursday, January 18, 2018

#ComeVisitMe : Saturday February 17th Wine Tasting Day

I actually abhor the fact that on January 2nd ( SECOND DAY OF THE NEW YEAR ! ) I was seeing Saint Valentines Day items. Admittedly, I spent a majority of the holidays avoiding how I felt about certain things and now I am raw as all get out. I still have to go to work and work. Thus I am looking on to the day after Saint Valentines Day so, what about 30 days before Saint Patrick's Day.

Let's have you fly in Friday, February 16th and you can stay in San Francisco hotel and we'll meet up at the Ferry Building for a quick bite to eat before we catch a show at the Meteron. Then you will head back to the hotel because in the morning we start the drinking epic amounts of water.

The San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition starts at 1:30PM so we'll need to have a good breakfast and a serious one at that so we'll head to Sears   for an iconic wait for the iconic Swedish pancakes. That will take up at least 2 hours of our morning before we head over to Fort Mason to stand in another line but we'll grab two large bottles of water to enjoy.

After the Wine Competition its time to fill up on some more culture and the best way to do that is simply to head over to City Hall and catch a show either place will work from the Opera to the Graham Auditorium.
Afterward, we'll probably head back to the hotel and crash after a day of standing and tasting wine there isn't much more we can do...until we see who is playing at the comedy club or DJ at the local dance hall.
Sunday you gotta leave on an afternoon plane so we make the obligatory trek to Oakland and check out the places we will go next time before you catch your flight out of town.

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