Friday, January 26, 2018

#FridayFunDay : Albuquerque New Mexico

You know that rabbit is pretty darn smart except with directions.

Right or Left Let's Check out Albuquerque New Mexico !

Let's Start the last week of January off right with YogaZo at Santa Fe Brewing  This class for beginners will be perfect and only for $25.

Maybe we should meet up at Iconik Coffee for the Poetry Workshop, 6 classes complete with critical reception and you get better ..Plus there will be coffee on a Wednesday night starting at 5pm.

Jump ahead to March for the Evil Cyborg Sea Monster 
Mar 2
Friday 8:30pm ONLY! and $10 ! 
Dir. Mike Capozzola - NOW! - 90m approx
Comedian & cartoonist Mike Capozzola's multimedia comedy show about superheroes, action movies, sci-fi, monsters and secret agents. If you're a fan of Stark Trek, Star Wars, James Bond, Batman, Spiderman, Game of Thrones and time travel: teleport, fly, or beam down to this show! These things are irreverently celebrated and dissected by a pro. Mike's done the show at various theatres, comic cons, museums, comedy clubs & comedy festivals in the U.S. and the U.K.
Mike Capozzola is a London based Stand Up Comedian & published cartoonist (MAD Magazine, Ted Talks, WIRED, Best of McSweeney's).

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