Saturday, January 6, 2018

Saturday CleanUp : Repeat A Post

No hashtag today as this is just a post that I like that I am putting on repeat .

Cars...Today is the Auto Show here in Silicon Valley so I might go to that ...but here is the Annual Car Show in Carmel

Drive Destination : Concourse d' Elegance

The opportunity to latch on a trip to Pebble Beach for the Concourse d' Elegance Charity event landed in my in box late Friday nite for Saturday's show and auctions I couldn't grab my camera fast enough. 

An early morning start allowed us to beat the traffic so we leisurely got to see the setup of the Concourse Italiano before the crowds arrived. I marveled at the vehicles as we strolled by with cappuccinos and americanos as we made our way to Pebble Beach. 

You can not see it all but you will find your self in good company between the Rolex Motorsports Reunion to the Classic Car forum between old and new vehicles being displayed before the auction by Gooding & Co later in the evening.

Aside from finely tuned machines you will see celebrities galore from Sports to Vinyl you will have to make sure your mouth is shut because there are some venerable legends as you both stroll alongside mechanical wonders. 

The venue is perfect and if you are familiar with Pebble Beach you can easily find yourself in downtown Carmel-By-The-Sea where I enjoyed a respite at the Aston Martin in Carmel Plaza. 

The small town turns into a world-wide car show complete with every nationality represented. If your feet can handle the stroll there is Maserati Village with some of the old and new models. 

On Sunday is one of the more quieter events the Automotive Fine Arts Society Exhibition which you can see a small preview in Carmel-By-The-Sea with Artists in Galleries available on Saturday.

While I do love a good roar of the engine and the feel of the steering wheel there were some new technologies present which included a keyless Lamborghini and Porsche with alternative fuels. 

I found that one could even experience the car sharing phenomenon with Uber drivers available ferrying attendees in BMW's and Land Rovers. 

One note the entire event is for Charity and this year that was poignant given the recent fires in the area as local aficionados were reminded by the numerous businesses that posted gratitude to the brave firefighters battling the fires in the State. 
I highly recommend purchasing your tickets for the 2017 event today and reserve your accommodations today because whether driver-less cars are coming this event is one that reminds of why we drive. 

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