Saturday, January 13, 2018

#Saturday Post Clean Up or Update? : Car Accident

This post is from my personal blog ( and relates how frustrating it was to be suddenly unable to walk. I barely made it that year but alas I did.
Part of the reason for this repost is because I have been walking three (3) miles daily from work to the train station and I honestly love it too much for words. Granted, I am taking a huge risk of being mauled by a car again but honestly until its pouring rain again I will keep walking!

Friday, May 22, 2009

The car accident

I can not tell you the name of the driver and I can not tell you how much I wished I asked for more money. I can tell you how much I walked, missed walking, hated my crutches and got really mad because I could not walk.

You see, the whole traffic thing made me think about that damn accident, did the driver who mowed me down in a marked crosswalk get such a mark on his driving record? Did he even get ticketed? I know his insurance rate went up but, damn it before I got hit by that damn car I was able to walk 10 miles without thinking about it.

Seriously, one day I walked from Crissy Field to Civic Center in SF then down Market to the Ferry Building up Embarcadero to the train station.

IN ONE DAY!!! not to mention the six blocks I walked home.

As many times as I can remember I would walk from my sister's abode by Tartine and down Market Street to Union Square to North Beach to Pier 39 and BACK.

San Francisco is like some odd number of square miles...and at one point or another I walked it going to a OneBrick event at Glide Church, walking the Embarcadero to KaBoom, to a date at the Elbo room and all the way up Blue Plate, then I walked to the train station.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I was hit by a car a mere two blocks away from my abode.

2 Blocks!

So, when I get to walk 6 miles it is an event.

Recently, I did something amazing 8 (Eight) Miles!

Let's Celebrate!

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