Sunday, January 28, 2018

#SundayDrive : Take the Bus

I have traveled up and down Highway 101 on a bus and that has never been better experience except when there was an accident. I was not on the bus and I know that route but the reality is I would have been on that bus just like the other people.

Yet, now when I am thinking of taking another bus I pause because how much different is it to rent a car and how much time would it take and what would I be "giving up" in lieu of said transport.

I have traveled to the Paso Robles / San Luis Obispo area so much I know the alternative routes and the fire routes and police locations. Yet, as I am thinking of my annual Birthday trip I find it hard to settle down on taking a vehicle.

You see taking the bus can cost a mere $50 The ENTIRE TRIP where renting a car will be over $500 and that doesn't include gas or if "something happens".

So once again I am thinking of staying in Monterey. I have spent the last two birthdays in Monterey and do not get me wrong its a great place to go but, shouldn't I spend time somewhere else.

Well, let's break it down. My bus fare will be only $50 because of the fact you get a day pass when you purchase the ticket. Next everything is completely walkable in Monterey ( yes you can walk to Carmel too its a sad truth that I have done that ). Finally, you will spend more money on trinkets and food than actual hotel room and transportation ...why go anywhere else?

Its hard to explain but I am so bent up about taking public transport and I mean I take public transport everywhere seriously I can go from Eureka, Ca to Timbuktu on a Camel's back and still beat anyone with a car because taking bus transit or camel transit just requires an extra three to five minutes of planning. Really that is all .

Yes, bus can be smelly and yes you can get stuck in said traffic but the reality is you would be stuck in the same traffic taking a car too.
By Yourself .

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