Tuesday, January 16, 2018

#TwelveTravelQuestions: What to do in New York City ?

New York City has been on my list of places to visit for about 3 years.
Thus, I would need a reason well fortunately Blogher18 Health is having a conference on January 30th and 31st!  .
While I wold love to attend I have some have to's to go and visit New York City

  1. Where would you stay? Answer: Brooklyn if possible but, let's face it if you can fly out of JFK then get a hotel close. 
  2. What would you wear? Answer: Oh My Gosh because I plan to go just as the snow melts I will have on some serious walking shoes because it all going to be about walking all over New York City if possible. 
  3. What is your first attraction to visit? Answer: Grand Central Station now that I am fully infatuated with public transit the place to go is Grand Central Station. 
  4. How long will you stay? Answer: I would love to stay a full week but that is just financially feasible so it will be a weekend leaving on the midnite from Oz landing in the morning in NYC, drop off my bags and walk the avenues.
  5. Hot Spots To Visit? Answer: The Scandinavia House in New York right around the corner from Grand Central Station. I would love to snag a ticket to an performance of Saturday Night Live but, let's be honest ...there is BROADWAY shows to catch!
  6. Will you go to Central Park? Answer: Probably not, especially given that I live in basically the place that has a larger park of Golden Gate by a mere 200 more acres. I am more likely to try a hot dog cart on the outskirts then walk thru Central Park. 
  7. What about shopping? Answer : Yes, I will probably purchase or bring with me an empty suit case for my shopping adventure aside from the 5th Avenue there is all these other hot spots that will call me to their strorefronts 
  8. Visit Anyone? Answer : Maybe I know so many people now in New York City trust me if they had better real estate options I would have moved there by now. 
  9. What about New Years Eve? Answer : Only if I am in a serious relationship. I can not picture myself in Times Square alone watching the ball drop. I just can't and equal to that the pass has to be purchased to go there. 
  10. Any particular place to go? Answer : Ellis Island  while you can take a virtual tour of the location now n days I think it would do some good to actually buy a ticket and get over there
  11. Will you walk across Brooklyn Bridge? Answer : Twice if not more than that and maybe take on the Roosevelt Island  too.
  12. What will you bring with you? Answer : SleepSack because I am terrified of Bed Bugs 

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