Wednesday, January 3, 2018

#WineWednesday : Champagne versus Sparkling Wine

Its a debate that will go on until end of time ...fortunately I took the time to compare the two methods and honestly I am better for it ...
Sparkling Wine


I got to enjoy the Indigo Eyes Extra Dry California Sparkling Wine which was just as good as the French Champagne. 

One Reason ? Same Grape used ...from Chenin Blanc to Chardonnay if you can tell from the picture these two were almost identical in color. 

While I admit using a larger than normal wine glass instead of a flute shaped glass. The bottles were nice and cold but each had a little bit difference in texture. 
Yes, wine has texture this is what the experts call mouth feel. 
The Indigo Eyes was super light akin to cotton candy fresh cotton candy that is cool and melts immediately in your mouth.
Whereas the Champagne tasted like sunshine little percolating bubbles of sunshine dancing on my tongue. 
Each varietal had a distinct sunkist flavor profile with clementine and pineapple alternating on the tip of my tongue. 
Each was seriously easy to drink whether it was with chicken or Black Eyed Peas. The wine just complimented the dish enhancing spice and harmonious palate. 

Two Thumbs up. 

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