Wednesday, January 17, 2018

#WineWednesday: Merlot 2015 Italy

This was a really great wine

This Merlot came all the way from Italy so I could fall in love with it again. The low alcohol level helped this fruit come forward and I was able to devour a great chicken dinner that I cooked. The fact I wanted to keep the bottle for something something reminded me of another Italian grape Carignan. Yet Prestige Wine Imports has a consistent record of really great wine finds. Do not get confused with the 2007 Napa Valley Anterra Wines from Ellicock Family Winery these are separate identities. 

That is probably the biggest problem I have when dealing in the secondary market of wines. I find a lot of brands that are second labels so it was nice to have a genuine imported wine from Italy. 
At least that is what I tell myself because let's face it I am not traveling to Italy anytime soon to help pick the grapes (YET).  

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