Wednesday, January 10, 2018

#WineWednesday: Non Alcoholic Fre Wines

 Did you have too much to drink for about five days where you took off from work and started the New Years Celebration on your own timeline ( like 3 Days Early ).
So you make a resolution to try different ways to #WineWednesday with maybe something Fre.
Admittedly, I actually had a lot of non alcoholic wine left over this year from over planning a NYE celebration with friends we were going to do an EPIC Champagne and Popcorn at Yosemite but plans changed and I just celebrated regardless. ( editorial note: Do not over plan your NYE Celebrations its an invitation for Karma, Chaos and Mayhem to come and crash into you -literally ).
I can honestly say the one thing good about this non alcoholic wine is the taste is consistent regardless if its frozen outside or 65 degrees. Equally, its not completely non alcoholic, the alcohol has been removed or reduced to one half of one percent or 0.05% per volume. The half percent of alcohol may still be too much because of the visual of the wine. This is still passable if you are trying to appease the individuals who must label you. 

Right now the market for wines with the alcohol removed is pretty much dominated by Fre which is owned by Sutter Home Wines and from there you can guess where to you can find it. 

Aside from the varietals that are great faux in a glass there is good to be done in just having a glass of wine without the buzz. 

Because you get strange looks when you order a Coca Cola at a Wine Bar

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