Friday, February 9, 2018

Repost ....Go and Travel with Zoe

TwelveTravelQuestions : Zoe Ambler Returns!

You may remember Zoe Ambler and I did 5 Questions over on my personal blog now what else could I do but ask her about travel here !

So grab your cup of coffee as I ask Zoe 12 Travel Questions ( randomly )
  1. How many carry-ons do you really take with you?  A.Three. I need my CPAP machine, so it is allowed as a third carry on. Other than that, a normal carryon and a large tote bag or backpack.
  2. One location you want to go but will never get to go?  A.I would have to say Australia. I will never get to go because of my overwhelming fear of spiders that could actually tackle me and hold me down.
  3. Best Travel Companion ( No points for saying cats or me ) ?  A. I would have to say, I really like travelling alone when it comes to flights. Car travelling I prefer my significant other, because we talk the entire time, and he indulges my fixation on seeing cheesy tourist attractions. And the cats. And you. (because despite you saying no points, I will indeed get points. >.> )
  4. Car, Train, Airplane mode of travel? A. That is a really good question, and I have to admit that it is a tie between Car and Airplane. Car trips are great for the cheesy attractions you can stop at. Planes are great for the drinks!! I tend to drink from point A to point B so I am extra fun for the person picking me up from the airport. 
  5. Music to travel to?  A. Anything from Slipknot to Classical. However, that is just for flights. Car trips are full of talking, laughing, arguing and games.
  6. Destinations and Departures: Where was your last destination? When is your next Departure? A. My last destination was Clovis, New Mexico to which I rescued Lil Man Spencer. The trip was taken by car. Best trip ever. My next departure, with any luck and me getting off my butt to get my new passport, will be to Guatemala to see my mom and dad.
  7. Nuts or Chips on planes? A. Definitely Chips. BBQ or Sour Cream and Onion.
  8. Inflight Movie or inflight Email? A. Inflight movie. Granted, I will probably sleep right through it.
  9. First Class Dilemma: Give up your seat to Single Mom or Elderly Military Man? A. Well, this may raise some eyebrows, but I would say Single Mom can ride elsewhere. Why does that seem to mean? It's not mean. I was a single mom, I know for a fact you can do just fine without first class. The Elderly Military Man, however, has earned my First Class Seat.
  10. Coach Nightmare - Go? A. Nopes. First Class or nothing now-days.
  11. Would you head toward a disaster-stricken country ? A. I would have to say yes. My parents live in Guatemala, where natural disasters are aplenty. Mudslides, sinkholes, active volcanos. And I can't wait to see them all.
  12. If I visit, where do I sleep ? A. Sleep? We won't have time to sleep!!! So much to do, talk about, ADVENTURES TO GO ON!!! Sleep is not an option :P !

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