Sunday, March 4, 2018

2011 : June Weddings

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blame It on June Weddings

I understand if you really can not believe the numerous birthdays in March. Granted I have a few friends birthdays in March not to mention coworkers and Patrick Simpson's birthday and mine are the same day (St. Patrick's Day - its in 11 days ).
Its ironic that my oldest sister got married in October and it was nearly 10 years later that she had her son in March so that trip in June the year before you know what what was going on.
So my parents wedding anniversary is June 6th, I am half tempted to consider that day my actual birthday but there is a legality issue and some science thing and even if I did change my birthday I'd still have to be called Patricia because of an Irish doctor in Amarillo, Texas at a Baptist Hospital. (don't ask its for a different post)

So let's review if you want to have a March baby; get married in June
If you like to avoid certain sport, get busy in March for a December baby
and if you are like my parents celebrate Valentines Day right and have your babies the week of Thanksgiving because Lord knows I need to celebrate more in the month of November so technically I totally blame cupid...all that loving wrapped up in diapers.

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