Thursday, March 1, 2018

Celebrate Your Birthday for the ENTIRE Month

Yes, I am one of those annoying people that say to celebrate your birthday for the entire month.
30 Days of Birthday Wishes.
Actually, I thought this was awesome because well....usually my birthday was also the day it would rain ...and like REALLY RAIN.
FLOOD The Basement RAIN.

So, there I would be staring outside at the rain drowning whatever decorations and games to play outside while the wind beat down a homemade Happy Saint Patrick's Day Banner I was so happy to make.

Hence the next day or the day before would be perfect weather complete with birds chirping fooling me into believing this year was going to be the year the rain stayed away for my actual birthday.

You see the popular kids born in June had these near perfect circus birthday parties complete with outdoor games and fancy clothes and present piled high on a picnic table or at least I thought so when I was a wee one.

Now, I know my Birthday ROCKS...but I still have some fond memories of my abhoration of said date of birth. I am going to share some of my better birthday posts this month with you.

And if you like to send me something ... a tweet will do and donate money to a nonprofit like Patricia Appelquist Exercise Fund (fyi that may not be tax deductible and doesn't accept BitCoin ) .

Don't worry I will talk about travel most likely about making your reservations now opposed to three weeks from now.

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