Thursday, March 1, 2018

Events: Travel : How

The fact in February I spent a mere time to find interesting events to go to is testimony that more people should probably follow me on Twitter 

I know what is happening, where, and when. 

Got Kids, I know where they want to go.

Want to Learn more, I know when and what to find to do more and sound more intelligent without the benefit of paying for it.

Need to learn how to travel well? There is a Twitter Chat just for you.

The fact that I can do this is nothing short of amazing as I constant read or overhear on the commuter train that they just don't understand the need to travel or put up the perceived hassle.

That is why you follow and read me...I know how to travel whether its booking your Christmas Flight now or making your spare bedroom into an hotel room for one advertised on 

I got this ...find out how.

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