Friday, March 2, 2018

How I Travel : Airplane, Train, Bus, Rarely Do I Rent A Car

It has been a length of time since I bothered to go on a plane. Did you know that there are regulations that in 2020 your Identification  needs to be updated?
When I travel on a train I need it to be worthwhile and not take forever unless I am trying to take my time with someone special.

I have taken a bus everywhere from Reno to Santa Barbara to Dallas as I might take one in Baltimore or New York.
Yet when I did go a place I would have checked for a car sharing service but no more as I use a rental car service.

I never ever have just picked up on gone unless the travel was close by. Even then its been on a bus or train up to San Francisco or over the hill to the Pacific Ocean.

I use to be able to book a flight 3 months in advance utilizing Orbitz  now I am finding I have to go to the airline website directly and book nearly 120 days in advance of travel.
I still try to book my Bus / Train travel directly at the station but I find that there are no more agents there so I am regulated to doing that online about 30 days in advance.

When I rent a car I have rented at least 15 to 25 days in advance if just for the benefit of a great rate!

Like I will be soon enough and share it with you.

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