Saturday, March 3, 2018

Repeat : Baltimore in March

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Let's Go to Baltimore!

Ok, a show is back on TV and all I can think of is What is up in Baltimore because this show is making me want to go and do a cooking class there.

But you know I like wine so I am better at finding wine events!

On Sunday March 23rd you can go to Bin604 for $39 and do a tour of Italy ! This event is from 2pm to 4pm and will taste the South of Italy which is different then North of Italy. Watch out for Deer's antlers.

On Tuesday March 25th head over to Taneytown to Antrim 1844 Country House Hotel for a Hidden Gems Wine Dinner that will feature fabulous wine from Joseph Phelps and Chateau Grand Larose which those two wines alone for $140 is a steal. Just keep your ears in check.

Then close out March with a trip to the Baltimore Museum of Industry for a Passport Around the World for $45 you can taste wine and learn about cold storage so to speak.

There you have some great events to go to and try lots of really good wines just be sure to let everyone know and if you meet any doctors to keep a good arms length away.

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