Sunday, March 11, 2018

Repost : Seasonal Work in March

This is one of the ways I tried to help those who looked for work and if you want a summer job check in March

Job Hunting Tip #22 : Seasonal Employee work

I was working as a seasonal employee to my dismay when not one, two or three job seekers came into my employers store and asked if they are hiring. It was a week before the holiday so, in case you are one of these people looking for specific seasonal work here are a few guidelines...not science or rules just something to think about....

1. Who do you want to work for? A law office, a tax professional, a retail establishment, the government or education facility
2. Do you know the season you want to work for ? Weekends, Summer, Nights, tax season
3. Are you really available to work? Weekends, 4 hour shifts, early morning

Okay, once you have an idea here is a few more questions
1. Location? near your own neighborhood where people you see will see you or in a new town?
2. Have you applied before to this employer?

While this seems like a lot of work I am going to give you an example ...

This example is you want to work at the boardwalk in the summer. now you are thinking its January and summer starts in June so you should apply in ....what month?

March, yes, March. If you go to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk website there is a listing of dates and companies and meetings and activites you need to know this information to continue in your pursuit of getting said job.
Why you are applying in March is to get your name on their brain early, to make sure they know you want to work for them. All those events and activities pick at least two and go to at least one. Get to know the tour bus companies, the confectioners, the operators and managers in March because in April and May you are going to email, call and stop in asking when they are hiring.
By June you should have had an interview or scheduled an interview because the time that the employees are needed is July 4th weekend then you are there until after Labor Day.

That is just one way to get a seasonal employee working job. Remember sometimes these jobs turn into full time permanent jobs too so good luck...and one thing to remember...

If you want to work in December apply in September, if you want to work in April apply in January, if you want to work in June apply in March and if you want to work at all you must apply a lot more than you thought you could...

Good Luck

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