Monday, April 2, 2018

Allegretto In The Rain...

This year for my holiday I cancelled a reservation in Monterey and opted for the opportunity to run down to the San Luis Obispo Film Festival with the intent of stopping at Allegretto Resort in Paso Robles. Zinfandel Festival  in Paso Robles and the Gourmetfest in Carmel, CA.
What I forgot about was the
That is just a sample of the zillion of things I could have done for my holiday and trust me I was a little bit distracted hopefully by the time I turn 50 I will have figured it all out.
But I did make my way to Allegretto it just happened to aside from all the events was Raining!

After leaving before the crows got up in my little parcel I figured I would beat traffic but, forgot I would chasing the winter storm that passed by a few hours earlier. I really did chase the storm the whole day.
I arrived at 7:15am which was about 15 minutes to early for the restaurant to be open but it allowed me to do my most favorite thing about Allegretto is see the art from the personal collection of the Ayers family. I also get an intimate time with the hard working staff of the resort. Honestly, if you could understand the amazing work the staff does to maintain an impeccable place humming its breathtaking even in the rain.

I found the rain was falling softer at Allegretto as I went to walk around the grounds and finally found my way into the Cello Restaurant and I had the place to myself which is unique because usually when I go there is a hustle and bustle. The kitchen is open as you watch the chefs and waiters work tirelessly breathing life into the philosophy of Farm To Table 

 I honestly wish I could have stayed longer and enjoyed the whole weekend there, but the reality is I had to go to and fro. Driving 100 miles is nothing for me if I get to go to Allegretto.

The entire property is magically and there is usually an event I want to go to there and to sleep on the Dreamsleeper beds. Do not even get me started on the Spa and Patios.

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